Hi there! I'm

Marcos Rezende,

a Senior UX Designer @ Microsoft, Canada

Shaping the future of the workplace through user-centric design in Viva Connections and leveraging Copilot AI capabilities.

Marcos Rezende - Sr. User Experience Designer based in Canada
UXD University of Toronto - Marcos Rezende
MIT - Computer Science Artificial Intelligence (AI) Laboratory (HCI for User Experience Design) - Marcos Rezende
Talents Design - Universia & Santander - Marcos Rezende
Microsoft Hackaton - Fix, Hack and Learn Award. Best Fix and Overall Winner in Ireland - Marcos Rezende and team
Linkedin Top Voice - UX (Marcos Rezende)
Marcos Rezende - Toptal Freelancer
A photo of Marcos Rezende, a UX Designer, with his back to the camera. He is wearing glasses, a white shirt with plaid trim on the sleeves, and a black backpack adorned with various pins. The pins include the Microsoft logo, a verification badge, a 'NERD' badge, the Canadian flag, a mouse cursor icon, 'be kind to your mind' with a pink brain, a character from Castelo Rá-Tim-Bum, the Figma logo, 'coffee first', cassette tapes, and a green pin with a black bird representing the Inhapim. Marcos has his hair styled in a top knot and is standing in a busy urban street with double-decker buses and taxis in the background.

Curious, data-driven and emerging tech enthusiast.

I'm Marcos Rezende, a Senior UX Designer with over 15 years of hands-on experience in User Experience, Product Analytics and Strategic Thinking. On my back, I carry stories, dreams, and inspirations that have shaped me into who I am.

My journey into UX design began at the tender age of 12, when I found myself reporting bugs in the MS-DOS operating system to programmers during my first part-time job. By 16, as a self-taught individual, I had already created my first website. That's how I discovered this was a craft, and I decided to pursue it.

Throughout my career, I have worn many hats, collaborating with teams from various countries and across a wide range of sectors, including SaaS, PaaS, and DSaaS. Driven by data and a passion for emerging tech, I excel at adapting swiftly to new challenges, making connections beyond the obvious for effective innovation.

For a more in-depth understanding of my qualifications, you can follow or connect with me on LinkedIn.

Selected work

Here is a sample of user-centric design initiatives I've worked on.


COVID-19 Dashboard: reshaping Ontario's data visualization for enhanced public awareness

The COVID-19 Ontario Dashboard's purpose is to visually provide KPIs to meet the specific needs of residents, by correlating pandemic-related data with the new social rules required by the Canadian province.

COVID-19 Dashboard - UI Case Study. Canada


Minha Vitória platform: gauging residents’ expectations for the future of the city

Minha Vitória is a collaborative platform designed to enable the collective review and regulation of a Brazilian city with its dwellers for the next ten years.

UX Case Study - Ottawa Canada


Qlik Application Automation: improving how users can create and monitor connections

Qlik Automation is a no-code interface that helps companies easily automate tasks and data workflows between Qlik Cloud and hundreds of SaaS apps.

UX Case Study - Qlik Application Automation


Government of Canada: takeaways from a NDA project

I worked end-to-end on a user experience initiative for the public sector in Canada. While I cannot publish it due to a non-disclosure agreement, the lessons I learned and my high-level overview are well worth sharing.

NDA UX Project - Government of Canada


Engaging elementary students with Reaction: an e-learning game application

Reaction is a game designed for elementary school students, using behavioral and cognitive studies to teach about conscious consumption in an interactive way.

Reaction - Game App - UX Case Study


T&D International: enabling user insights through collaborative remote UX workshops

How Ideation Sessions and Design Thinking Workshops helped T&D International identify user problems and generate potential solutions, allowing the expansion of law services for international trades into new countries.

Workshop Facilitation & Design Thinking - Marcos Rezende, UX Designer

UX Process

Focusing on figuring out the right problem to solve is the core of my UX process. I always aim to focus on a user-centric approach through iterative sprints to deliver solutions that address both user needs and business goals. With a knack for innovating within constraints, I seamlessly adapt the UX process when the user needs calls for it.

UX Design Process - Marcos Rezende
UX Design Process - Ottawa, Ontario. Canada
Marcos Rezende - Workshop Facilitator - Design Sprint
Marcos Rezende, UX Strategy and Metrics
Marcos Rezende, Senior UX Designer based in Canada - Crafting wireframes
Marcos Rezende - Design Sprint Workshop
Marcos Rezende, UX Designer - Speaker
Marcos Rezende, UX Designer (Canada)  - Speaker
Marcos Rezende - Apple Vision Pro
Marcos Rezende - UX Designer (Remote Work)


I always strive to bring together the proper techniques and methods to achieve the best possible outcome by working collaboratively. Here is the spread of my core skills:


Goal setting

Workshop prep

Teamwork facilitation

Follow-up actions

Output synthesis


UX Research

Information Architecture



Usability Testing


Visual Design

Layout Design

Visual Interface

Responsive Design

Design System


Insights synthesis

Analytical Thinking

Data Visualization

Metrics settings

UX Audit


This is a glimpse of my playground zone! Here I showcase some ideas, design experiments, and neat things I've created.


These are the preferred tools that I've been working on to streamline my creative process. I'm always open to learning new methodologies, approaches and strategies to hone my craft.

Allyant - HUB Accessibility Management System
Optimal Workshop
Adobe Photoshop
Azure DevOps
Google Analytics
Adobe Illustrator
Microsoft Clarity


What people say about working with me.

"I worked with Marcos in Brazil, and together we were responsible for great and award-winning projects. He was always kind, patient, dedicated, and reliable through and through. I would certainly recommend him again in the future."

Andre Gonçalves - Lead UI Designer

Lead UI Designer at

All Human

"Marcos Rezende is an amazing individual, who puts tremendous care and effort into producing extremely high-quality work. I would recommend him without reservation. If you have the chance to collaborate with him, take it!"

Emily Jones Joanisse - Connected Canadians

Co-founder & CEO at

Connected Canadians

"Marcos Rezende is an incredible UX designer. I was impressed with his ability to think outside the box and find innovative solutions to problems. His positive attitude and collaborative spirit would be a true asset for any position."

Marc Viau - Leap UX

UX Manager at


Feel free to hit me up. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

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