As a Senior UX Designer who has adeptly overcome the challenges of immigrating to Canada, I extend my expertise to mentor aspiring UX Designers to elevate their careers, providing valuable insights and strategic guidance to help them achieve their professional goals.

UX Mentorship - Understand your skills

Understand your skills

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Track your goals

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Create an action plan

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Get to the next step

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As Top UX Voice on LinkedIn (2023), I've been acknowledged for my contributions. I'm active in the UX community, publishing articles, and sharing my insights globally through speaking engagements, workshops, and interviews in different countries, including UK, Canada, the United States, Slovenia, Poland, and Brazil.

I spread my enthusiasm for designing by sharing my industry expertise with aspiring UX professionals worldwide as a UX Mentor CareerFoundry β†—, a Germany EdTech Startup, for several years. My mentees had rated their mentoring experience with an score of β˜… 4.97 out of 5 across several criteria, including helpfulness and guidance.

I'm also worker at Toptal β†—, a global network of the Top 3% of freelance talent, with a proven track record and elite industry experience.

With this strong foundation of knowledge and experience, I'm here to assist you in exploring a range of career topics, including:

Tailored advice on how to stand out, focusing on honing your skills and levelling up your career in UX.
Design Interview Framework
60 minutes
Remote (on-call)
CAD $119*
Elevate your UX portfolio quality and prepare for interviews with personalized feedback and guidance.
Case Study (Best practices)
45 minutes
Remote (on-call)
CAD $89*

* Marcos Rezende's remote mentorships are available in English and Portuguese via Topmate, with payments by Paypal / Currency: Canadian Dollar. Discounts are available for long-term mentoring.

Marcos Rezende - UX Mentor based in Canada

"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity."β€Š



What some of my former mentees have said about my mentorship.

"Marcos Rezende shared invaluable knowledge, skills, and wisdom with me. His enthusiasm was very motivating as well. Changing careers is terrifying, and he really knew how and what to say at the right time for encouragement."

UX / Product Design professional mentored by Marcos Rezende (USA)


Product Designer

"Thanks, Marcos for the tips and life hacks to improve my resume and portfolio. As well as other useful insights to acquire missing knowledge and skills. I'm confident that communicating with Marcos will take my job search in Canada to the next level."

UX / Product Design professional mentored by Marcos Rezende (Russian)

UX Designer

"I was very lucky to have had Marcos Rezende as my mentor as I completed my studies in User Experience Design. His attention to detail, motivation, and focus on placing my career at the center of each conversation inspired me."

UX / Product Design professional mentored by Marcos Rezende (France)

UX Researcher

"Marcos Rezende was precise and surgical in analyzing my career and gave me the best feedback I could have received with great material. It's big and scary, but I'm committed to my growth. Thanks a lot!"

UX / Product Design professional mentored by Marcos Rezende (Brazil)

Sr. UX Designer

"Marcos' deep insights and consistent encouragement have not only made me a better UX Designer but have also helped me develop a more thoughtful approach to problem-solving. His mentorship has been a key part of my growth."

UX / Product Design professional mentored by Marcos Rezende (USA)

UX Designer

"I really appreciated how honest and firm Marcos Rezende could be regarding my designs and progress. He held me to a higher standard and expected quality from me. This really helped me step out of my comfort zone and push myself."

UX / Product Design professional mentored by Marcos Rezende (USA)

UX Designer

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