Check out some selected projects I've worked on,

which have helped me shape and improve my design process.


COVID-19 Dashboard: reshaping Ontario's data visualization for enhanced public awareness

The COVID-19 Ontario Dashboard's purpose is to visually provide KPIs to meet the specific needs of residents, by correlating pandemic-related data with the new social rules required by the Canadian province.

COVID-19 Dashboard - UI Case Study. Canada


Qlik Application Automation: improving how users can create and monitor connections

Qlik Automation is a no-code interface that helps companies easily automate tasks and data workflows between Qlik Cloud and hundreds of SaaS apps.

UX Case Study - Qlik Application Automation


Minha Vitória platform: gauging residents’ expectations for the future of the city

Minha Vitória is a collaborative platform designed to enable the collective review and regulation of a Brazilian city with its dwellers for the next ten years.

UX Case Study - Ottawa Canada


Engaging elementary students with Reaction: an e-learning game application

Reaction is a game designed for elementary school students, using behavioral and cognitive studies to teach about conscious consumption in an interactive way.

UX Case Study - E-learning game App


T&D International: enabling user insights through collaborative remote UX workshops

How Ideation Sessions and Design Thinking Workshops helped T&D International identify user problems and generate potential solutions, allowing the expansion of law services for international trades into new countries.

Workshop Facilitation & Design Thinking - Marcos Rezende, UX Designer


Government of Canada: takeaways from a NDA project

I worked end-to-end on a user experience project for the public sector in Canada. While I cannot publish it due to a non-disclosure agreement, the lessons I learned and my high-level overview are well worth sharing.

NDA UX Project - Government of Canada

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