In my playground zone, I showcase a diverse range of ideas, side projects, innovative design experiments, and other neat things I've created.


Clippy AI

Clippy AI Keyboard reimagines the iconic Microsoft assistant using ChatGPT Pro, activated by a single keystroke via AppleScript. The keyboard, integrated with a 3D-printed prototype, is configured to trigger Clippy, now powered by AI for smarter interactions.

Clippy AI - ChatGPT App



SmartEats in AI Pin aids those with food intolerances using visuals instead of voice. It identifies allergens in foods with color-coded icons, like wheat for gluten, useful in noisy or private settings. This feature is ideal for visual communicators, making dining safer and more inclusive.

AI Pin - SmartEats


Unlocking memories

'Unlocking Memories' is an AR experiment enabling users to create and share personal memories using geolocation technology. This intuitive project allows access to memories based on location, with a user-friendly interface that reveals hidden messages through a simple tap.

Unlocking Memories - AR App


RX Reader

RX Reader is an innovative AI app designed to simplify prescription reading experiences. This user-friendly platform enables users to effortlessly upload images of handwritten prescriptions, making the understanding of prescriptions straightforward and hassle-free for users.

RX Reader - AI App



Flavorite App merges taste and choice, providing a unique culinary journey through gamification. Users discover top-rated recipes, brought to life with videos and clear instructions, turning cooking into an adventure. It connects enthusiasts with expert chefs, suits all skill levels, and elevates cooking into an interactive experience.

Flavorite App


Uncensored QR Code

This innovative advertising concept was crafted for Rede Gazeta, a major media conglomerate, to mark the 25th anniversary of the end of censorship in Brazil through an interactive newspaper advertisement. Leveraging the popular trend of QR codes, the ad is designed to convey a powerful message.

Uncensored QR Code - Interactive Ad


Botanical Beats

'Botanical Beats' utilizes the Playtronica MIDI controller and specialized electrodes to translate electrical signals from plants into a distinctive symphony. This technical integration allows the plant world to serve as an innovative source for creating unique Spotify playlists through seamless interaction.

Botanical Beats - HCI experiment



LinePass redefines queuing with NFC, enabling on-the-go spot saving without physical waits. The user can get real-time SMS alerts for their turn, transforming idle time into productive moments, and making queuing a seamless, stress-free part of daily errands.

LinePass - HCI Experiment

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